Elena Richard

Founder & Editor

Elena Richard is the founder and editor of Romanian Spring Magazine. She was born in Romania and has lived in Russia and the United States. With a degree in Foreign Languages, she has worked as a teacher and translator as well as in business development and sales. While in Madison, Wisconsin she coordinated a Romanian Film Festival and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Before moving to Germany, she worked at the Museum of Northern Arizona, where she furthered her knowledge about the Hopi and Navajo people. The idea for Romanian Spring Magazine was born from a desire to share beautiful stories about Romanian people with the rest of the world.

  1. Cristina Simion: “Artists always view the world in an exceptional way”

    We are visiting the Tiny Griffon art gallery in Nürnberg and having a conversation with Cristina Simion, the gallery owner and curator of the exhibitions. The gallery has recently moved into a smaller place, one that allows, as the gallery owner says, more flexibility and feels cozier for the visitors. Our gallery was recently reorganized Read More >

  2. Painter Horia Vancu: “I Want to Cancel Out Time…“

    Horia Vancu, you reside in Nuremberg, and this is where you have spent the majority of your career… Yes, I came to Nuremberg in 1990, but studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest until 1995, so I went back and forth between Nuremberg and Bucharest. I still had my parents, actually it was Read More >

  3. The “Voice” of Forbidden Films

    A Brief Interview with Irina Margareta Nistor The documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism talks about the illegal introduction of Western films in Romania, acting as a respite during a time when people were going through a very difficult time. Do you think watching these forbidden films was just entertainment or did it mean much more Read More >