Ana Barton


  1. I Would Like to Be a Vase in Cristi Puiu’s Next Film

    “Only the good thought can save us, but it should be present when the other reveals himself or herself in words, in order for the encounter to take place,” says Cristi Puiu in his interview in The Chronicle*. It took me five days to finish [reading] Puiu’s interview, and it’s the best one I’ve ever Read More >

  2. Her Majesty, Queen Marie of Romania

    “I believe I have an understanding of you: I haven’t judged you, I’ve loved you.” These are the words of Queen Marie of Romania, the one who left a stirring testament in which she tells stories, prays, hopes and blesses the people she joined. Tatiana Niculescu Bran wrote an extraordinary book dedicated to the Queen. Read More >