We think that Romania is a beautiful and fascinating country which remains a largely undiscovered place. While it is thrilling at times to have a secret destination all to yourself, we are ready to disclose and share some of its most exciting attractions and interesting people with other like-minded travelers and curious explorers who may be beckoned to this part of Europe by way of either business or leisure.


Mărțișor, poet Tudor Arghezi’s museum. Photo: Elena Richard

An Authentic Voice

Therefore, Romanian Spring Magazine is first and foremost intended for people from other countries who are unfamiliar with Romania and interested in finding out more about Romania. However, it’s also meant for Romanian nationals living either at home or abroad who are searching for a way to rediscover Romania for themselves as well as share their native land with their non-Romanian friends.

Our focus will be on presenting Romanian people and their accomplishments and projects from all over the world. There are numerous Romanian communities across the globe, and many news resources that write about their deeds and achievements. We will attempt to bring their stories together in one virtual place and create a community of ideas and inspiration.


Retezat Mountains. Photo: Mihai Stupcanu

A Positive Outlook

We will concentrate on presenting positive and inspirational stories and people, as well as innovative companies and projects.

For increased accessibility for those who do not speak or understand Romanian, our exceptional stories will be presented in various other languages. The number of languages will increase as we continue to grow. In this way, our intention is to facilitate the transfer of information and knowledge about Romania, and to make a significant contribution to cultural understanding among our readers.

We invite you to share your ideas and recommendations with us, as well as submit your own or suggest stories for the site about people who have inspired you or touched your heart in a positive way. Additionally, please let us know if you have particular places you know and love in Romania that you want to share with others.


Photo: Mihai Stupcanu

Contribute to the Story

In submitting any stories or contributions, please bear in mind that the goal of our website is to present and showcase exclusively positive aspects of Romanian life: its history, its remarkable people, its successful business stories, and its beautiful spots and travel destinations. In the process, we just may discover new reasons to be proud of our Romanian heritage and have the opportunity to share it with the world.

On our exciting journey together, we’ll discover old customs and new ideas, explore lesser known areas of natural beauty, and enjoy getting to know a fascinating country.