1. Chuck Norris vs Communism, a Documentary about Freedom

    In mid-1980s communist Romania, under the noses of Nicolae Ceausescu’s secret police, hundreds of VHS tapes of American blockbuster movies were trafficked into the country. The smuggled films – mostly consisting of martial arts, horror and action thrillers – were dubbed and distributed through an underground black-market. The films were dubbed by one courageous female Read More >

  2. Bucharest International Airports Exceed European Growing Trends

    The number of passengers transiting Bucharest airports rose by an annual 11.4% to 7.04 million in the first nine months of 2015, moving closer to the estimate of 9 million by the end of the year. Aircraft movements for both airports increased by 6% to 81,776 through September. According to earlier data, in the first Read More >

  3. Minitremu Turns Brâncuși into Child’s Play

    The Romanian artist couple Monotremu was inspired by their toddler son to create Minitremu, a playful project that aims to bring art into kid’s lives at an early stage in an innovative and unpretentious way. Minitremu translates Constantin Brâncuși’s monumental works into wooden toys, colorful and meaningful objects which children can interact with and enjoy. Read More >

  4. In Search of Essence: Constantin Brâncuși

    A Romanian peasant in search of essence, Brâncuși set out on his long walk to Paris and arrived in 1904 to a place bustling with art and literature. It was one of the most effervescent periods for art in Paris, the place to be, and it continued to be so for many years. Years after Read More >

  5. Philanthropy, a Rare Romanian Comedy

    The last two and a half decades brought a wave of unexpected and welcome attention from international film critics towards Romanian cinema. Many of the Romanian films making the festival circuits received multiple awards and generated interest and faithful followers all over the world. From Nae Caranfil, the director of one of the most remarkable Read More >